A fun & dynamic community-led practice fusing yoga, simple acrobatics and Thai massage



AcroYoga ALL LEvels
THe island, Nelson St
mondays 7-8pm

I first walked into an AcroYoga class in Bali. I couldn’t believe it - folks climbing on each other, singing in a circle, performing unbelievable tricks and basically having a whale of a time doing it. I was hooked, like REALLY hooked.

I worked with that teacher (the incomparable Bex Tyer) for years, even eventually teaching Yoga and AcroYoga together in Palestine. During that time I got to know the wonderful Kathy Gade, a teacher from California, who along with her monkey crew helped me introduce further play and partner fitness into the classes. (the style that is most commonly practiced) was co-founded by Jason Nemer, who I have also been lucky enough to study with, as well as some of his amazing teachers: Melissa Smith, Erica Montes and Jaqui Wan to name a few.

The AcroYoga that we practice on Mondays is a style that has evolved from all of these inspirations, as well as the games played from years working as an outdoor guide and the integrated yoga styles that I have studied. It is challenging, playful and the community which started as 5 of us playing in a living room in Easton has now grown to almost 1000 members of the AcroYoga Bristol Facebook group.

We run an annual 5 day training in December at The Trinity Centre with international teachers which you can find out about here.

Are you looking for a beginners workshop? I run these once every 2 months! Check out my workshop page.

£10 or MoveGB credit.

The class is taught by both myself and Will, I teach the second Monday of every month. Looking forward to seeing you monkeys there!