Training Day 7: Or the time when I discovered Vino and Vinyasa

'What's that?' 'Er, vanilla syrup' 'So, basically refined sugar. Yeah, that's great for your system'. Well, maybe it's great for my soul. So there. Nom nom nom nom.

Opinion. Asana.

Opinion. Asana.

Coconuts drunk: Not enough
Favourite Pose: Turbo dog
Power animal: Bat - to symbolise new life; change

What happens when you get a bunch of yoga geeks in a room. Something like this - Kakasana vs Bakasana: Straight arms or bent? Which one do we teach first? Do we teach them together? Apart? Up level option?

Confused? So were we.

Poor little trainee heads spinning at this, apparent complexity, Les shrugged (with compassion): 'I call them both bakasana or crow'. Really? Uh huh. That for him is the progression of Yoga, that cueing casts a wider inclusive net and shows that whoever comes to the mat, they have a place to play.

You want to know another awesome thing? Vino and Vinyasa. Oh yeah, it's a thing. Les added that if we ever saw him (a man in recovery) then there would be a problem (for the retreat leader that is...) And you know what else? Wine and Chocolate Yoga? Does that shock you? I know it did me initially. Why? Or are you just wondering when you eat the chocolate - before or after?

I keep seeing the awesome 'if Gandhi took a Yoga class' video. A long time hero of mine, Gandhi would I think, not come to my yoga class. And you know, I'm just going to have to get over it. All I know is that I have to teach from my truth, and right now that truth might be glitch pop in a headstand sequence. Because it brings me joy. And if that's not your (or Gandhi's) thing then that's cool, let's still be friends and meet over cappuccino-asana instead. 

Ah man, this yoga thing... it's a wave and it is NOT stopping. I dare you to try and make it. Surf it baby, whatever size/shape/tradition your board looks like and you know what, it could actually be really fun.

Les: 'You know what delights my spirit? Zumba'. Well, waddaya you know 

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