Training Day 8: Or when I realise that we are all mortal

Coconuts drunk: Decidedly not enough
Favourite Pose: Lemsipasana

Teacher trainings are tough. We of course knew this. Some days are easier for the mind, some easier for the body. This day was tough for both. It was K day for asana: kapotasana, kukkatasana, kroakasana...

After lunch (so darn delicious, would it be bad to post food porn on here? It's just so darn green!)  we each chose a pose to add to a sequence. It was like when as a kid (or sometimes when you're drunk) you add a word each to a story - and you create a chimera of a creation: a mangled mishmash, both terrifying and inspiring. This was equal parts both.

'Are we going to practice this?' 'No, we're going to write is all down and do a fire ceremony with it. Of course we are going to practice it. Onto the mats you go.' 

It's flu. Probably. My head was pounding through practice today, my throat crackly and my body in shiver-mode. At the afternoon break I suddenly felt myself crying, that jolt of a reminder of physical limitations. I remember a point in my last teacher training: midway through a primary series I just cracked into a hyperventilating sobbing mess.  So much asana - it moves something deep through you... One of the amazing assistants found me blinking frantically, handed me a box of tissues and encouraged me to just let go. No. Not yet and not today. I think there is still too much of the teacher in me. 

We had our second appointment with the talking stick yesterday and so much was brought into the circle - so much that Les micro-managed a trainee gathering at his favourite 'burger joint' (which also seems to do karaoke and cocktails. Sneaky).

Again, the voice of wisdom this time from one of the assistants (who has just been a god send this training): anything you are feeling is temporary, it will not last and it absolutely will not kill you. Just observe yourself, no judgement.

'And here that? You don't hear anything? No? Nothing? That's your homework'.

Thank you God. 

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