Training Day 17: Or when I learn to Vogue

We are not born fluent in love but spend our life learning about it. Its energy is pure power. We are as attracted to love as are intimidated by it. We are motivated by love, controlled by it, inspired by it, healed by it, and destroyed by it. Love is the fuel of our physical and spiritual bodies. Each of life’s challenges is recorded within our cell tissues: we live within the biological consequences of our biographical choices.
— Carolyn Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit.

Coconuts Drunk: 3 [it is DAMN hot!]
Favourite Pose: Vogue-asana
Chakra Focus: Four – emotional power

I am having a day when all that seems to be helping is cake; and it's raw cake, so it's not really helping that much.

I miss the boyfriend (Hi Will!). I miss home. And miss being able to throw toilet paper IN the actual toilet.

Almost at the end of Week 3 and a lot has been broken off and broken down. A lot of ego has dissipated along with the crippling flu (not sure what the no blogging was caused by – sudden lack of ego or sudden increase in flu). The flu was accompanied by it's equally unwelcome buddies fever, cold and shiver 'n' shake. Les pointed out that some things are too big to process without a physical reaction. A big mucussy physical reaction. Ick.

One of my first Ashtanga teachers, Danny Paradise – the ayurwasca yogi as I later found out he was called – would occasionally don a Jamaican accent somewhere during the seated twists and exclaim 'your ISSUES are in ya TISSUES man'.

Myofascia, the spider's web of white tissue that hugs every cell of our body; a storage unit for your emotional and physical narrative. All of the shock and trauma you thought you could shove under the metaphorical carpet? It's there, a dormant and deadly dragon. I thought (ha) I was relatively dragon free. And then 9 minutes in frog. Damn you Les.

Our biography, BS aside, IS our biology and by doing Yoga we rediscover our stories. Les has an exercise where we excavate an emotional narrative through an asana; intently examining another's body for clues to their past. It is challenging, provocative, and deeply uncomfortable. Welcome to Teacher Training and....have you met Les?!

But you know what did help this week? (This cake is doing nothing for me, sorry dates – but you are no refined sugar). A Madonna morning playlist. Listening to Vogue while in Warrior 2. The best medicine for the soul. I heart the 80s. So whatever has broken down this past month, I'll start from the basics and build up: strong legs, good foot placement, cake and Yoga. Got to start somewhere...

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