Training Day 2

Lokha Samasta Sukhino BhavantuMay all beings be happy and free.

'ALL beings? Really? Have you seen the news recently? Some people are doing some pretty funky stuff in the world...'

So what do you really think?

Coconuts drunk: 2
Favourite pose: Not surya namaskar A

Chakra Focus: One


Trainee Natalie strode into class with the news that she was frying some eggs this morning, turned around for a second only to discover that a gecko had jumped into the pan. Les shrugged, 'you'll witness a lot of death this month, you can't really escape it in Bali.'

This was a day of perspective shift. We began this dig-deep-athon by turning our gaze to the first chakra. Our base. Our foundations. Our tribe. Using Carolyn Myss's Anatomy of The Spirit as a guide for discussion, some of us spoke of our relationships to our own beginnings. A German woman spoke so eloquently about her nation's challenges with pride and her struggles in identifying with the country that she was born in but had not lived for almost 2 decades. She remarked that she found it difficult even acknowledging with the positive aspects of this culture that she was very much aware were present within her psychic makeup.

National pride has never had much stick with me, except maybe with there's a World Cup. And even then, only if I have a boyfriend who likes football. Or am trying to get a boyfriend who likes football. And while being fiercely connected to my immediate clan (the Bonds are a tight knit of 4) I have always been rather dismissive of tribal affiliations being planted so early in our psyche – can kids really pick up on all that stuff that we, as adults and society, bombard them with daily? I am a stalwart believer in community as my tribe – this joyful, energetic, creative crew that I have the blessing to grow alongside. And it is my tribe, but as a member of that tribal community I am also rooted in something; my foundations, even if formed of shadows, are integral to the beauty of my being – to all of our beings. Many of us revealed our shadow stories this morning and they were dealt with, with tissues.

'Keep squeezing the block in bridge – No, DON'T do that with your face. What's that? Jesus? Yeah, he's here'.

After lunch, it was teaching practice – classical sun salutations. Suns? Pfff. I got this (the episode now to be referred to as 'oh how the mighty fall'). Les always says in class, if you're an advanced student focus a someone really wobbly when you're trying to balance. And after 5 shaky sun salutations I was, somehow, shitting myself. Dumbfounded at my own incapacity to talk way around a simple sequence, I returned sulkily to my mat - my ego boiling.

But the critique, (said with love), still has 3 weeks left – and had plenty of steam left in it just that afternoon. All the minutiae that you let slide as a teacher (the hair adjusting, the lazy stance) becomes annoyingly well-illuminated when instructing in front of your mentor. The buzz words for example; I have now been disallowed from using the word 'grounding' ('but it's such a good word...'), instead there have been offered a menu of alternatives: anchoring, planting, firming – NOT rooting (which apparently means something else entirely in Australia). No relying on the script. It's not Bikram.

As we sat down around 6pm in order that Les could divvy out the homework (Sutras, 2 chapters of the manual. Manageable.), my body sunk in acknowledgement that this had been a tough day. The last homework though was emphasised as the most important.

So, this is your homework: Tonight, do something that delights your spirit.

So go on.

(I mean it).

ash :) xx

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