It's Not About Winning.

It’s not about winning, it’s not about losing. It’s about showing up and being seen.

- Brene Brown

Sometimes we have this weird idea of what success means as a teacher, I get it. In my 2 years-ago-brain it looked something like this: You get a workshop (then a workshop in a better studio -preferably in London); you get a workshop at a festival (and then a workshop at a fancier festival - preferably one with hot tubs); you host a retreat (and then a fancier retreat - preferably one with a pool); you get followers, you teach a training and then BOOM suddenly you’re headlining something or other, have a brand ambassadorship and have an online yoga course. You made it. 

So I’m going to quote Brene Brown again. The thing is, this teaching gig. Right now, for me it’s not about walking that particular route. It’s not about getting the best gigs, more students, more likes. It’s not about winning, and it’s not about losing.

It’s about showing up and being seen.  

Being seen and seeing our students and their incredible gifts. 

That’s the work.

But sometimes this being ‘seen’ thing feels a little tough. And that’s when the veil goes up, the armour. You’ll notice it - it’s when the cliche Yoga Talk starts to filter in: “I’m sorry? Breathe WHERE?”. Yep, Ash has left the building and Yoga-bot is talking. That’s when it’s time to lock eyes with, or place a friendly hand on Student X or Student Y or Student Z when you’re there - to ground, to get back to my center, to see and be seen.

That’s the work.

Just so you know, so when I smile at you in class - seeing you and you seeing me, and knowing that we are in some fundamental cosmic way we are made of the same stardust…

And that is amazing.

Ash BondComment