Remembering Our Intuition

When was the last time you felt truly seen?

Your whole being.

Your first name, last name, all of the names you’ve been in between.

Your irridessence, and your murky depths. 

Your strength, your gifts, your weariness, even your pain. 

Your body.

…I’ve been trying to answer this. How many places in this world can we walk into and expect to be seen? There are so few.

When do I feel it? I feel it when I step into the presence of someone who loves me and knows me. I feel it when I step into a Yoga ceremony with a shaman or skilled teacher.

The magic of technology is that we CAN connect without having to see each other, to witness each other’s physicality. We gain so much; our networks broaden, our horizons expand.

And yet.

The skill of seeing, truly seeing. The art of reading someone’s energy, to intuit what might be occurring. Without needing to fix it, or heal it. But just to register it; notice a pattern in the body, or a quivering in the breath. To See It. 

Without honing it, our natural, primal intuition can remain untrained and unused, bored beneath the surface. Heads down and afraid, it becomes dull, untapped, ‘mysterious’, the stuff of myth. ‘Magical’.

What would happen if we woke it up? 

Really, really woke it up.

Wake it up. 

Brighten your eyes, sharpen your senses. SHAKE YOUR BONES until you remember what your great great grandmother used to feel. Watch an animal. Try it. Burn some sage and try and see through the smoke. Dance. Soften your gaze and watch a friend breathe into the space around them. 

What would happen if we allowed ourselves to SEE more and FEEL more? Chaos? Confusion? Connection? Tribe? Community? 

The breaking of patterns. A remembering.

Maybe. Just maybe. 

Ash BondComment