Movement Lab

A slow, strong and geeky movement practice designed to get us thinking and moving with awareness.



Thursdays 12.30-1.45pm
yogasara, picton st

This class began as a Forrest Yoga class - a beautiful practice of strong abdominal and deep breath work. The students, as ever, inspired the shift of practice. We kept the Core but began playing a little outside of the lines, using more props (blocks, bolsters, yoga straps, tennis balls!) and getting even geekier with more precise movements. We started framing the practice as a series of questions: What does my lower back do if I don’t move my hip this way? What if I kept the back still, how would my hip react?

It’s a bit weird, a bit wacky. We laugh a lot, but dive in deep. We begin with meditation and end with full body relaxation. The focus of the class changes each week to a different body part or movement pattern and once we have explored these there is a 5-10 minute window for students to explore their own individual patterns in free-flow movement.

All bodies, ages and movement experience welcome. Be prepared to mix it up, step outside your habitual patterns, to find challenge in an unexpected play and maybe even make way for wild and exciting shift.

Class is £10 or a MoveGB credit.