AcroYoga is a playful fusion of partner yoga, simple acrobatics and Thai massage. In these sessions expect sweat, laughter and some steps outside your comfort zone. No experience or partner necessary - we work in groups of 3 to ensure safe flights at all times.

Ash’s attention to detail is second to none
— Nathalie


A playful and challenging class that encourages moving with your breath and listening to your body. We will be moving through traditional, and not so traditional, yoga postures with awareness and with ample opportunities to laugh and celebrate your practice.  Vinyasa is a fast flowing style that harnesses the breath to move us through our bodies. These classes are playful and challenging yet invite reflection and end with deep relaxation.

sometimes you need to breakdown
before you can break through
— Ana Forrest


Forrest-Inspired Yoga is excellent for those looking for an intelligent, strong and integrated flow, also for any yogis working with injuries. This is a class designed to allow students to feel into their bodies, feel rejuvenated and connect to their centre and to their breath. Break down your poses and flow with intention.

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Restorative Yoga is a treat for the body - sink into passively held postures, supported by bolsters, and nourish your nervous system. This is active rest. And we all need it. Perfect for athletes as well as those forever on the go, those who are pregnant and those working with injuries, Restorative Yoga truly is a practice for every body. The last Wednesday of every month we also dive even deeper into relaxation with yoga nidra, yogic sleep. The only difficult bit is getting up afterwards!

this practice meets people where they are. It is designed to encourage self-inquiry, reflection, and change, not perfection - the universe has already taken care of that part
— LeeAnn Carey