About Ash



Connection. Strength. Joy. Wonder.

In Yoga, Ash found a tool to awaken our deeper authentic selves. A chance to tune inwards; a chance to remember what we may have forgotten. A chance to allow ourselves to feel.

Ash seeks to offer a Yoga that is accessible to those who wish to enter a space without judgement or fear. She welcomes those with injuries and challenges, finding ways to adapt the classes offerings to each yogis needs. YOU are welcome.

Ash teaches a number of different styles. Bodywork, partner play, primal movements and a wicked sense of humour all tend to sneak their way into Ash’s classes that are all guided by the students that she meets on the mat on that day.

She loves to tell stories. 4 years studying Classics at Oxford, 3 years as an English teacher and a bookshelf full of fairytales has given Ash a flair for weaving a tale. Some of which can be found in her first book, The Handstanding Yogi, published in 2017 (available here) which celebrated a brief spell on Amazon’s list of Top 100 Yoga Books.

Largely credited with bringing AcroYoga to Bristol via Flying Monkey Yoga, Ash still runs The Yoga Campout every year at a local farm where yogis move, eat and dance together over one magical weekend.


She also teaches on a number of teacher trainings in and around the UK, most notably with Dan Peppiatt on his Yoga Like Water adventure.

Having lived abroad for a number of years, Ash has spent the last 4 years settled in Bristol where she walks her gorgeous polar bear of a dog every morning at dawn.

This is a time of wild transition and she looks forward to starting new chapters with you.


yoga certifications

Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Training | Indian Association of Yoga & Meditation | Rishikesh, India

Thai Yoga Massage | Sunshine School of Thai Massage | Lahu, Thailand

Osteo Thai | David Lutt | Bristol, UK

Dynamic Thai | Krishnatakis | London, UK

Vinyasa Yoga Training | Les Leventhal | Bali, Indonesia

AcroYoga Immersions | Acroyoga.org | London & NYC

Advanced Forrest Yoga Training | Ana Forrest | Peterborough, UK

Restorative & Yoga Therapy | Melissa Smith | Koh Samui, Thailand

Rocket Yoga Training | The Yoga People | Glastonbury, UK

Forrest Yoga CET | Sandra Robinson & Jambo Truong | UK

Bodywork Training | Brian Campbell & Jambo Truong | London, UK

Poppy Perinatal Training | Cat Allen & Charlie Speller | Cheltenham, UK

In honour of my teachers Sarah Perry, Bex Tyrer, Denise Payne & Made Murni who have guided me as mentors on my journey.