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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Dan, Jambo & Ash with guest teacher Charlie Morley


London 2020

Join Jambo, Dan and Ash and gift yourself a year to broaden, deepen and sparkle up your yoga teaching practice.

These 3 teachers have come together to create an innovative alchemical mix of their crazy, connected and complementary disciplines. This is a year-long advanced teacher training designed to offer you an opportunity for wild and confident transformation.

During this intensive you will work with each tutor on specialized weekends where they will dive deep with you into their individual fields; each weekend evolving a teaching theme (whether it is the ‘why’, the ‘what’ or the ‘how’). Each student will also be paired with either Dan, Jambo or Ash and offered the opportunity to be part of a smaller mentor group where you will be offered further guidance and support towards your individual goals.

  • How do YOU want to evolve in your teaching?

  • How will YOU best serve your students?

  • What is the Yoga that truly makes YOUR soul sing?

  • How would YOU embody this?


What will you receive from this training?

  • 2 one-to-one mentorship sessions with each tutor

  • Tools to sequence your classes logically and intuitively 

  • Ability to undertake visual orthopaedic assessments of your students

  • Hands-on instruction on assisting students confidently and professionally

  • Tools to manage psychosomatic experiences safely in class

  • Practices for teachers’ self-care including managing empathic and emotional exhaustion

  • Emotional hygiene for teachers

  • Tools to integrate your darker and golden shadows from Buddhist teacher Charley Morley

  • The confidence to deliver an authentically embodied practice

… What does it mean to be truly free?

To not only explore freedom through yoga but to go one step further and explore freedom from yoga itself? If we perceive yoga as a ‘thing’ to be ‘practiced’ or ‘taught’ are we just reinforcing further separation? 

Join Yoga Like Water Dan to explore what you truly want to share and practice as a teacher, not what you think you ‘should’. Feel confident to move aside from imaginary yoga structure, traditions and ‘rituals’ to investigate alternative organic and functional ways of moving, breathing and being.

Work with Forrest Yoga Guardian Jambo to explore visceral therapeutic sequences that are relating to the back, shoulders and hips. A chance to evolve your functional anatomical understanding and truly apply it, to your planning, to your assists, to your approach to your teaching.

With Jambo you will refine your understanding of SI joint health, back health in back bends and standing poses and go deep into discussion of the hips. You will also (lucky you!) have plenty of time to harness Jambo’s signature coaching style, where you will be encouraged to dig deep to find what truly feels authentic to you. 

Ash is the third part of the team, forever with a notebook in her hand Ash will guide you on how to implement and integrate what you are learning from the year into the work you do with your students – privates, weekly classes, workshops and retreats. 

With her you will find the magic in journalling, teasing out the extraordinary from life’s seemingly ordinary moments, excavating to find that word or tale that will allow a student to connect with an idea, a pose, a moment of breath in practice. Learn varying approaches to class planning and structure, exploring the art of narrative storytelling in the structure of the class itself and in the stories that you weave through them. Play with how to reach out wide for inspiration – from the ordinary to the extraordinary – but to keep coming back to the mat, to the page, to the bodies in the room. 

You will also have the opportunity to excavate both the dark and golden aspects of your shadow self with Hay House author Charlie Morley. Using contemporary techniques such as mask work and mindfulness coupled with ancient methods from Tibetan Buddhism, you will dive deep in order to unlock your creative powers and hidden talents, learning to integrate these authentically into your Yoga teaching.

From Dan’s adventures in breathwork, to Jambo’s journey into SI joint health and visceral, therapeutic sequencing to Ash’s guidance into creative practice and engaging storytelling, this course is designed to connect you with YOUR voice, YOUR teaching and the students that YOU decide to teach.

The course will be bookended by weekends hosted by all tutors, opening and closing your immersive journey with ceremony, story and celebration.


Dan Peppiatt


Dan has been exploring his relationship to yoga for over half his life. He isn’t sure that he has the answer to all of this, doubts that he ever will and suspects that there doesn’t even need to be one. He has slowly stripped away as much of the surplus yoga ‘packaging’ as he can and has ended up teaching and practicing as simply as possible, breathing, moving and not thinking too much.

Dan was the original spark for Yoga Like Water, a systemless practice and teacher ‘untraining’ where every individual is simply encouraged to be true to themselves in the way that they practice and share their understanding of yoga. Needless to say it has grown into an ever expanding, mutually supportive family with a life of its own and you can’t ask more than that from your yoga. When Dan isn’t running his training programmes you can find him in amongst the waves in Devon, or collaborating with online yoga platform Movement For Modern Life to create insightful takes on your yoga practice.

Jambo Truong

Photo @rosievolcano

Photo @rosievolcano

Jambo is a multi-disciplinary practitioner who specialises in functional anatomy and psycho-spiritual practices that are related to yoga and bodywork.  

One of the few selected Forrest Yoga Guardians and co-founder of Yoga Bodyworkers, Jambo spends his time studying, researching and teaching in order to demystify a practice that we love to practice.  

Jambo holds a degree in Complementary Medicine with special interests in Muscle Testing and Classical East Asian Medicine. He is a speaker and participates in research around Well-Being & Complexity studies and is associated with University of Northumbria & Cape Town.  

Jambo also shares his passion for psycho-somatic practices he has gleaned from apprenticing with various leaders from a variety of native traditions as well as aspects of psychotherapy.

Ash Bond

photo @jboodriephotography

photo @jboodriephotography

Ash loves to tell stories, explore them, and ask what they mean. The thing is, we’ve all got a story that will break your heart, make you sigh, make you fall off your chair in tears of laughter and joy. What is ours? Where is it held in our bodies? And how, as teachers, do we help our students illuminate their own stories – help hold them up to the light and help embrace what is found there?

4 years studying Classics at Oxford, a few years after as an English teacher, one book published and with another in the works has given Ash notebooks full of daydreams, a bookshelf full of fairytales and a handy flair for weaving a tale. 

Story is one of Ash’s most useful tools for teaching Yoga. Her toolkit is varied however – bodywork, inversions, partner work, animal walks, singing, silliness, journalling, a kick-ass playlist, a juicy yoga nidra… all find their place, depending on the students that she meets on the mat that day. With these tools Ash hopes to gently guide her students to a place of visceral connection that feels authentic, intuitive and deeply healing. 

Ash teaches her story-based Yoga style on workshops, retreats and trainings throughout the UK and abroad. Ash also runs the annual Yoga Campout where yogis move, eat and dance together over one magical weekend. Wherever she is practicing, Ash seeks to offer a Yoga that is accessible to those who wish to enter a held space without judgement. guarding the yoga mat as a safe place of play and exploration. 


Course Information

ADVANCED TT COURSE DATES – from February to December 2020:

– Feb 22-23rd with Dan, Jambo & Ash
– March 28-29 with Dan
– April 11-12 with Jambo
– May 16-17 with Ash
– June 27-28 with Charlie
– July 25-26 with Ash
– September 26-27 with Jambo
– October 24-25 with Dan
– Dec 5-6 with Dan, Jambo & Ash

COURSE TIMES – Saturdays 11.30am to 7pm ; Sundays 11.30am to 5.30pm 

LOCATION – STRETCH, 6, Ada Street London E8 4QU

– £1,990 as a one-off payment / £2,250 with payment plan
– £1,850 early bird price, one off payment / £2,100 EB price with payment plan. The first 8 people to sign up and pay deposit qualify for the early bird rate.
– £350 non refundable deposit to reserve your place on the course
– Payment plan option available (£350 deposit + 12 instalments). Please contact to find out more.

TO APPLY, pls fill in the application form HERE