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"We call it a practice - but what are we practicing for?"

Yoga found Ash while a student at Oxford. In Yoga, Ash found a toolbox for life: asana, pranayama and meditation. These tools and teachings proved invaluable when Ash became a teacher herself, using Yoga to calm her students’ frazzled pre-exam nerves.

Moving away from the traditional classroom setting, Ash travelled to India where she completed her first teacher training in Rishikesh - just the beginning of her journey which has taken her across the world: Bali, Thailand, China, Australia and Malaysia. Returning from 5 years in Asia, Ash weaves what she has learnt from her many and prestigious teachers into her teaching. Each new guide adding to her eclectic style. Most recently Ash has returned to Bali to complete a month long immersion with world renowned Forrest-inspired Vinyasa teacher Les Leventhal. Les’s guidance has moved her towards a more intense Vinyasa style - challenging her students to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Ash also teaches AcroYoga, a fusion of Acrobatics Yoga and Thai Massage - embracing its ability to facilitate trust and community. Seeking influence from many schools, Ash has completed 2 AcroYoga immersions under the founder of AcroYoga, Jason Nemer and continues to assist her AcroYoga mentors Kathy Gade, Erica Montes and Melissa Smith, both in London and in California.

As a balance to her more powerful classes, Ash also works with Restorative Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Thai Massage. Ash’s Thai training began, even before her Yoga education, in the hill tribes of Northern Thailand and has since received further training in Dynamic Thai and OsteoThai from Krishnatakis and David Lutt. Ash is a firm believer in the power of touch. As such, adjustments are key to her teaching - as is her work with her students with injuries, facilitating freedom in her students wherever she can.

Ash's unique academic background in ancient philosophy and history infuses her teaching style, instilling in her students a desire to take their practice off the mat and into this world. How will our Yoga help others? What are we practicing for?

Ash is based in Bristol and is forever grateful to the yogis there for being so open to her offerings and the community they have built - those guys are her greatest teachers!

Ash frequently teaches on retreats, festivals and teacher trainings as well as running regular group and private classes in Bristol. When not upside down, she can be found running, climbing, camping or hanging out with the awesome Bristol monkeys.


Ashtanga & Hatha / Indian Association of Yoga & Meditation
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training / Les Leventhal
Lunar & Elemental Immersions /
Thai Yoga Massage / Sunshine Network, Lahu
Restorative & Yoga Therapy Training / Melissa Smith
Dynamic Thai / Krishnatakis
OsteoThai / David Lutt