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Reading The Body: The Anatomy of Vinyasa

Reading The Body: The Anatomy of Vinyasa
Saturday 16th November 2019
Location: Space238,
238 Stapleton Road, BS5 0NT

Bodywork | Anatomy | Journalling

Much of our Yoga practice is about listening to our own bodies, sensing what we need and allowing our breath and movements to support and guide us… 

In this workshop we will dive deep into this intuition but also broaden it, offering tools to read not only our own but another’s body. We will look at the Vinyasa - the poses, but also the transitions and offer techniques to strengthen, support and free our practice.

What will the workshop include?
We will start with a brief discussion of the language of anatomy - breaking down key terms before moving onto practical partner assessments. 

In our assessments we will analyse each individual’s movement patterns and explore how these might affect us in our regular Vinyasa practice. 

We will learn how to identify, discuss, isolate and train any dysfunctions or challenges that might be occurring in our bodies.

We will be focussing on the asana most commonly found in a Vinyasa class.

  • Plank

  • Lunge

  • Cobra

  • Upward Facing Dog

  • Downward Facing Dog

  • Chaturanga

Injury prevention will also be a key theme of this workshop so be sure to bring any questions with you!

Who is this workshop for?
This will be an engaging and accessible workshop. You do not have to be an anatomy geek to attend (although warning - you might walk out as one….). Teachers will be offered a fresh perspective on understanding their student’s bodies and interested students will refine their understanding of what is happening in their own bodies.

Your Teachers: Tom Wood 

Tom is a qualified Personal Trainer and Soft Tissue Therapist with over 10 years experience in the industry as well as a mentor to other health and fitness professionals. As well as working with HandstandYogi on their trainings, he teaches Soft Tissue therapy at the Massage Training school in Bristol and also teaches Functional Anatomy internationally with the Immaculate Dissection team. His passion is biomechanics and how to help people through his understanding of the human body.

Ash Bond

Ash teaches a number of different styles. Bodywork, partner play, primal movements and a wicked sense of humour all tend to sneak their way into Ash’s classes that are all guided by the students that she meets on the mat on that day. Ash moonlights as a writer and she met Tom when working on her first book with acrobat Gabrielle Parker, The Handstanding Yogi. She works on a number of teacher trainings throughout the UK, helping students hone their storytelling powers. Largely credited with bringing AcroYoga to Bristol via Flying Monkey Yoga, Ash still runs The Yoga Campout every year at a local farm where yogis move, eat and dance together over one magical weekend.

Price: £35